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Automotive Research

Strategic Vision has extensive experience with the automotive industry, and maintains relationships with nearly all major automotive manufacturers. In addition to years of one-on-one research using the ValueCentered method conducts the annual New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES), a large-scale syndicated study which explores all aspects of the new car buyer's experience.

Strategic Vision annually presents the best of the best in the automotive industry with awards in the following categories:

The Total Quality Award is presented to those with the highest ratings in their class along the Total Quality Index (TQI), which measures the overall ownership experience. Total Quality is a unique and comprehensive measure of the total ownership experience. Total Value Award

The Total Value Index (TVI) begins with TQI, and then factors in various economic considerations of the ownership experience.

The title of Most Delightful Vehicle will be awarded to those vehicles in each segment which go beyond satisfaction, providing the most delightful overall experience.

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