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The Edwards Commitment Scale

Each point on the scale is meaningfully different and the person answering the question is able to understand and relate to every option the scale gives them.  This is one of the key factors that helps us accurately measure loyalty and commitment.

Loyalty comes from a strong rational and emotional commitment.  Over decades of research, we have found that “love” is the strongest statement that people use to express this commitment.  Dr. Darrel Edwards created the Edwards Commitment Scale, or “Love Scale”, to measure the level of both rational and emotional commitment that someone has toward a brand, product, feature, or person.


The result is a method of measuring that vastly outperforms the satisfaction scales that are widely used throughout the industry.  It gives a more accurate evaluation of the subject in question, and also shows how likely someone is to repeat the experience.

Putting the Scale Into Practice

We use the scale for just about everything.  In the New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES), we ask buyers to use it to rate, among other things, over 120 specific product attributes.  In addition to providing the most accurate evaluation of the vehicle and its specific features, it accurately measures and predicts loyalty.


One example of the scale's application is the uniquely powerful tool that we have partnered with IHS to create: Customer Experience Impact (CEI).  Through the attribute ratings as measured by the Edwards Commitment Scale, CEI shows the impact that each attribute has on loyalty for every vehicle in the industry.  It maximizes the efforts of product planners and engineers, and accurately projects the increases in revenue and market share that will come from their efforts.

For further information on how we use the Edwards Commitment Scale, how it works, how we made it, and why it's important, please contact us!

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