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One Button Solution

You can access a comprehensive set of live data for any vehicle in the automotive industry, with the click of a button!  One Button Solution shows you essential NVES data in a clear and organized fashion.  


Each instant report shows quantitative demographic, psychographic, and emographic data, along with other popular NVES questions, including Purchase Reasons.


Along with owner reported answers to quantitative questions, One Button Solution provides verbatim statements (short essays) written by vehicle buyers.  We show you short essays from those who bought the vehicle and those who considered the vehicle but then bought something else.


To top it off, One Button Solution also includes custom analysis to interpret what the data means.  Each vehicle has a short summary from a Strategic Vision analyst and a table that shows which product attributes manufacturers should focus on to maximize their efforts to improve the vehicle and its sales.


All this with the click of one button.  All in real time.

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