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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Strategic Vision?

Strategic Vision is a leading research company in buyer feedback and emotional response studies.  We have been in the business over 35 years and are committed to providing constructive buyer feedback to vehicle manufacturers so they can delight their consumers and improve their products.

We are an independent research company.  Please note that we are NOT the dealership where you bought your vehicle, the customer service department of your auto manufacturer, nor the finance department where you make payments.

How did Strategic Vision get my personal information?

We are able to contact you either from information provided directly from the vehicle manufacturer or through companies that provide vehicle registration data from publicly available sources.  We use this information for research purposes only.


How does Strategic Vision use my personal information?

Your name is only used to contact you and enter you into our drawing.  We recognize the personal nature of some of our questions and assure you that all your identifying information will be removed from your responses.  We take pride in our ability to continue to maintain the utmost privacy for our respondents as we have for the past 35 years.  Please be assured we are not selling anything and your name will not be given to anyone else.  You will not be contacted for sales purposes of any kind.  Visit for additional information about our privacy policies.



How do I make sure that Strategic Vision does not contact me again?

At the bottom of the email we sent you, there is a link that will “unsubscribe” you from our study.  If you click on that link, your email will be put in our “Do Not Contact” list, and you will no longer receive emails from us at that email address.  Please note that while this does take you off of our contact list, there are likely other companies unrelated to us that will continue to send you surveys and other information about your new vehicle.


What should I do if Strategic Vision has incorrect personal information for me?

We use the exact information that we receive from the auto manufacturers or DMV records.  If your name is misspelled or your contact information is incorrect, please send us an email or give us a call so we can correct it in our records.  It is important to note that if we have incorrect information, then your auto manufacturer likely does as well.  You will need to contact them separately so they can also correct it in their databases.  If you have received a survey from us but you did not purchase a vehicle, please give us a call at 1-800-528-3299.


How many surveys will I receive from Strategic Vision?

If you complete the first survey we send you, then we usually send two follow-up surveys.  Each one focuses on different aspects of vehicle ownership.  The initial survey gathers information about who you are and the process you went through to purchase your vehicle.  The first follow-up survey asks you about the specific aspects of your vehicle itself after you have had a few months to get a feel for what you love and don’t love about it.  The final survey focuses more on getting to know you.

If you do not complete the initial survey after the first email we send you, then you may receive another email reminding you about the survey.  If we have not heard from you after this reminder, then we will not send you anything else concerning your new vehicle.

Please note that there are many other companies who survey new car buyers, and some of them have emails and surveys that look very similar to ours.  This can make it seem like we contact you a lot more often than we actually do.


I already took a survey from Strategic Vision.  Why do I need to take another one?

As you probably already know, people get a lot of mail from a lot of different companies after they purchase a new vehicle.  We are often mistaken for other companies that send out surveys about new vehicles.  Usually, when people call us concerned about how many surveys we are sending, it is because they have already done surveys for other companies and think that all of them are coming from us.

That being said, we do send a couple of follow-up surveys to get more of your thoughts and feelings about your new vehicle after you have taken our first survey.  Please know that each one is unique and that each question is valuable and necessary for shaping the future of the automotive industry.  We are very aware of your time and we greatly appreciate the time you spend to take our surveys!


Is this the survey my salesperson said I would receive?

No.  We do not represent your dealership.  We do, however, ask about your sales experience.  Please know that your answers are anonymous, so you are free to be completely honest in your evaluation of the dealership and salesperson.

Can I take this survey over the phone?

Unfortunately, we do not take answers to this survey over the phone.  Completing the survey online is the best way to make sure that your experience is captured correctly.

How will I know if I win one of the sweepstakes prizes?

All sweepstakes winners are notified by mail according to the sweepstakes rules.  For more information, please see our sweepstakes rules.


Do I have to complete the survey?

We would love it if you would complete the survey, but there is no requirement to do so, even if you have already started it.  If you do not wish to participate at all, you can click the “unsubscribe” link contained in the email message or simply delete the email itself.



Will my auto manufacturer contact me directly regarding any problems I have with my vehicle if I report them in this survey?

If you have a specific problem with your vehicle that your auto manufacturer needs to take care of, you should directly contact either them or your dealership.  This survey allows you to voice any opinion you have about any aspect of your vehicle, and at the end asks you if you would be willing to have your auto manufacturer contact you regarding your thoughts and feelings.  If you are, then they will have the option to contact you about this survey at their discretion.

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