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Ride-Hail Experience Study

Ride-Hail Experience Study (RHES) is a first-of-its-kind, brand new study that examines the experience that people have with ride-hailing services.  It contains feedback from those who use the services, those who drive for ride-hailing companies, and those who have not used ride-hailing services before.  Survey participants have already taken NVES as new vehicle owners, and this combination of the two data sources provides an incredibly in-depth look at the state of the burgeoning ride-hailing industry from the consumer's point of view.

RHES will be the premier tracking study in its industry, much like NVES has been for the past 20 years in its field.  Among other things, RHES will include:

  1. How Ride-Hailing activity is influencing vehicle purchase reasons and the frequency of new vehicle business use for Ride-Hailing purposes.

  2. Ride-Hailing awareness and usage by new vehicle buyers and others.

  3. Ride-Hailing experience evaluations using the Edwards Commitment Scale, which predicts future loyalty and advocacy.

  4. Future Ride-Hailing usage intentions.

  5. Identification and tracking of Ride-Hailing growth on the segment of vehicle buyers that fall in between fleet and retail sales, and its influence on the new vehicle market.

  6. Assessment of Ride-Hailing barriers and benefits.

  7. Tracking of relevant issues (press, world events, etc.) and influences that can greatly enhance related strategic planning.

  8. The ability to begin studying Ride-Hailing’s true impact on energy demand and mobility behavior and options.

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