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Used Vehicle Experience Study

Strategic Vision has been an industry leader in understanding New Car buyers in the U.S. market for over three decades with our New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES).

The main differentiator with Strategic Vision is that we use human psychology to understand how and why consumers make buying decisions. That’s why we apply ValueCentered Psychology to assess the complete vehicle ownership experience, from shopping for a car, to buying that car, then servicing that car, and ultimately disposing of that car.


Our customers asked Strategic Vision to apply its unique ValueCentered methodology to the Used Car market in a syndicated and repeatable format.


  • There isn’t a syndicated used car buyer survey in the marketplace.

  • New car and Used car buyers are different in many ways.

  • The Used car market is significantly larger than the New car market in the U.S.

UVES starts with questions from NVES, tailored to capture the ownership experience of the used vehicle owner.


  • Shopping History

  • Demographics

  • Purchase Triggers

  • New vs. Used Consideration

  • Personal Viewpoints & Attitudes

  • Other Vehicles In Household

  • Vehicle Disposed

  • Purchase Reasons

  • Other Vehicles Considered

  • Overall Emotional Response (Using The Edwards Commitment Scale)

  • Product Attribute Ratings

  • Vehicle Emotional Delivery

  • Problems With Used Vehicle

  • Shopping History

  • Product Review/Open Ends

Contact us to learn more about UVES today.​

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