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Pulse of The Customer®

Technological advances in the digital information world have allowed consumers to provide feedback about products and or services within moments, if not seconds, after having an experience with a product or service. In this new age of instantaneous information sharing, manufacturers and service providers are challenged to keep pace with consumers' commentary about their experiences with product, service, and brand offerings.

Strategic Vision has a solution to this issue with the service provided by Pulse of the Customer. Pulse of the Customer allows manufacturers and service providers to gain access to consumer feedback in a four-hour to two-day turnaround. Through its internet research capabilities, Pulse of the Customer can contact targeted consumers within an hour or two from the time a manufacturer or service provider submits a request/question to Strategic Vision.

Strategic Vision correctly formulates the question, sends out an Email "blast" to potential respondents, and finally, formulates an answer for the client within four hours to three days, depending on the nature of the question being asked.

This allows manufacturers and service providers to take the correct action in an informed and efficient manner on issues that need to be addressed without delay.

Image by Andrew Neel

Hear from your customers directly and quickly.

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