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New Vehicle Experience Study


We collect a tremendous variety of information about new car buyers, which spans approximately 450 data points.

Cutting Edge

Our questions are insightful and relevant to the current and future issues that are important in the industry.  In many cases, when an issue becomes important, we have already collected data on it for years. 


Our scales represent how people really think and make decisions. Our survey design allows for the most meaningful, actionable data available.

Longevity and Sample Size

The study is currently in its 22nd year and has compiled responses from more than 2.2 million new car buyers over the last decade alone.  Much of the data can be trended back to the 1990s.

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The New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES) is the best syndicated study of new vehicle buyers in the world.

Pulse of the Customer

Is there anything that your company would like to ask new car buyers?  NVES is a great way to reach a huge sample of people in a cost-effective way!  Not only will you get the answers you need, but you can also have them tied to the demographic, psychographic, emographic, and behavioral data of the hundreds of thousands of new vehicle buyers who take our survey.

Contact us for more information about NVES data and how you can subscribe!

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