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What are emographics?

Demographic data describes the physical and socioeconomical makeup of a population. Psychographic data describes their behaviors, attitudes, and habits.


Emographic data describes the emotional makeup of a population.  This includes how they feel, how they want to feel, and how a particular experience or product makes them feel. If you want to truly understand your customers and the decisions they make, you need to use emographic data.  Nobody provides or interprets emographic data better than Strategic Vision.

Why are emographics important?

Know the hearts of your customers

Emographic data digs past the behaviors that can be observed on the outside.  It tells you why your customer makes a decision.  Understanding this empowers you to make well-informed decisions and achieve your goals.

Predicts future behavior

If you know why your customers do what they do, then you can accurately predict their next course of action!  You can also accurately predict how they will respond to changes in your product or messaging. 

It completes the picture

It is the critical final piece of the puzzle.  It gives meaning to the demographic and psychographic data collected.  It is the “why.”

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