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How We Know Your Customer

We get to know your customer through our unique, advanced approach to collecting and interpreting customer feedback.  This approach is based on decades of academic and market research. 


The only way to explain current behavior and accurately predict what someone will do in the future is by getting to know who they are and why they make their decisions.  Once you know the “why”, you have everything you need to make the best choices and guide yourself to success.


How well does your current set of data measure the factors that drive loyalty, growth, and future revenue?  Plenty of other companies can tell you what people have already done.  We set ourselves above the rest because we know why.

ValueCentered Psychology

The foundation of our work is the universal equation of decision making: ValueCentered Psychology. 

The core values and emotions that govern behavior can be likened to a tree.  It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about babies or relationships or financial transactions,  it’s all the same.

The Edwards Commitment Scale

The key to loyalty and advocacy is Love. The Edwards Commitment Scale directly measures this, and better measures a person’s true opinion on a topic. This in turn shows their level of loyalty and advocacy. It is easily the most effective, actionable scale in the industry.


If you want to truly understand your customers and the decisions they make, you need to use emographic data.  Nobody provides or interprets emographic data better than Strategic Vision. 


Emographic data shows the emotional makeup of a population.  This includes how they feel, how they want to feel, and how a particular experience or product makes them feel.

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