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Qualitative Research

Do you need further detail on a topic?  Are you thinking about taking your brand or product in a bold, innovative direction and want to know if it’s the right decision?  Are you concerned about how your current and future customers perceive what you offer? 


Our qualitative studies are the best way to get the answers you need!

Quantitative Research

Do you need demographic, psychographic, or emographic data on your target group as a whole?  Do you need to know a group’s habits, how they use products, and what their general opinions are?  Do you want to track trends throughout your industry?

We can create a quantitative study to get you the answers you need!

Qualitative Experience

Strategic Vision’s founding partners, and those they have trained, have been changing the world with their qualitative work based on ValueCentered Psychology for the last 40 years. In the political arena, we helped elect Margaret Thatcher in the UK and assisted the Soviet Union in their transition to democracy.  In home products, we guided Whirlpool’s decision to implement innovative, front-loading washers and dryers.  In the automotive industry, we influenced Chrysler’s decision to develop stow n’ go rear seats. No matter the industry, whether it’s making pesticides safer for farmers, helpful medicines more available to those in need, or analyzing the effects of kitchen design, Strategic Vision is ready and able to make a positive difference and help our clients to achieve success.

ValueCentered Psychology allows us to truly understand why people make the decisions they make.  With this knowledge, our experienced team conducts in-depth, one-on-one interviews to get to the heart of the matter and uncover the hidden truth that even the respondents themselves don’t know. 

To learn more about our Qualitative process, download our free pdf

Qualitative Experience

Quantitative Experience

As we strive to meet your needs and expectations of us, we are very flexible in survey design, the types of questions we ask, and in reaching the people you care the most about.  We can contact people in whichever way you need us to, be it by email, phone, paper mail, or otherwise.  We can implement a questionnaire you have already designed or create a custom one based on what you need to know from your target market. 


We understand, better than anyone else, why people make the decisions they make.   Using this understanding, we usually like to add certain ValueCentered questions to a survey in order to collect emographic data.  With this, we measure the emotional state of the target group and dig deeper into the true motivations behind their behavior.  This approach ensures that you receive the knowledge you need to shape your future!

For more information, feel free to contact us.

Quantitative Experience
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