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​For more than two decades, it has provided both the best sample size and the richest, most actionable data set in the industry.

​Customer Experience Impact (CEI) gives automotive manufacturers and suppliers rapid insight into the vehicle attributes and consumer experiences that drive loyalty and defection. 

​RHES is a brand new study that examines the experience that people have with ride-hailing services.  It includes feedback from those who use the services, those who drive for ride-hailing companies, and those who have not used ride-hailing services before.​

​Strategic Window is an online platform that allows clients to see survey results live as they come in. 

​You can access a comprehensive set of live data for any vehicle in the automotive industry, with the click of a button.

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Loyalty Solutions

Loyalty has been disrupted: defection rates now exceed loyalty rates for most brands, and historical repurchase patterns no longer apply. Traditionally accurate and actionable solutions are now less reliable.

Strategic Vision has a new solution for today’s reality.

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Pulse of the Customer

Manufacturers and service providers have the opportunity to gain access to consumer feedback with a rapid turnaround time, from hours to just a few days, either through a new question within NVES or a brief survey with additional questions to augment a previous NVES respondent's experience.

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