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Customer Experience Impact (CEI)

Customer Experience Impact (CEI) gives automobile manufacturers and suppliers rapid insight into the vehicle attributes and consumer experiences that drive loyalty and defection.

Loyalty Solutions

Loyalty has been disrupted: defection rates now exceed loyalty rates for most brands, and historical repurchase patterns no longer apply. Traditionally accurate and actionable solutions are now less reliable.

Strategic Vision has a new solution for today’s reality.

New Vehicle Experience Study (NES)

For nearly three decades, NVES has provided the most comprehensive, richest and most actionable data about new vehicle buyers in the Industry.

One Button Solution (OBS)

Access a comprehensive set of live data for any vehicle in the automotive industry, with the click of a button (US only).

Pulse of The Customer®

Manufacturers and service providers have the opportunity to gain access to consumer feedback with a rapid turnaround time, from hours to just a few days, either through a new question within NVES or a brief survey with additional questions to augment a previous NVES respondent's experience.

Ride-Hail Experience Study (RHES)

RHES examines the experience that people have with ride-hailing servies. It includes feedback from both riders and drivers as well as non-users.

Strategic Window®

Strategic Window is an online platform that allows clients to see live survey results.

Used Vehicle Experience Study (UVES)

UVES takes the foundation of Strategic Vision's NVES and adapts the survey to allow used-vehicle owners the unique opportunity to share their experience with a previously-owned vehicle.

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