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How do we calculate TQI?

Problems with the vehicle

Problems come in all shapes and sizes.  There is a difference between a simple rattle and a transmission falling out on the highway!  With that in mind, we take into account both the number of problems with a vehicle and their severity.

Tangible aspects of the vehicle

We survey buyer opinions on dozens of tangible attributes of the vehicle and connect each of these with the emotional impact for each one. Included here are features such as the comfort of your seat, the effectiveness of your side mirrors, and how your vehicle feels when you take it around a corner.

Intangible aspects of the vehicle experience

There are significant intangible aspects of your vehicle that contribute to its quality as well!  These can include how intuitive your information and entertainment interface is, how mindful the designing engineers were of you and your needs, and the image the vehicle conveys to your friends and family.

Emotional aspects of the experience

The feelings evoked by owning and driving a vehicle contribute greatly as well.  We measure how strongly someone feels about their vehicle, which emotions are most prominently felt, why they feel the way they do, and how likely they are to advocate for their brand and dealership.

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