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Automotive Technology Roundtable at SAE to feature Strategic Vision President Alexander Edwards

One of the hottest issues in the automotive industry is the consumer adoption of cutting-edge technological advancements in both safety features and alternative powertrains. In the past few years, almost every major automotive manufacturer has unveiled or announced future production of electric vehicle options in their fleets. The next step is a little trickier- How do you get consumers on board with this emerging technology?

This, along with other safety and environmental technology advancements in the automotive sphere, will be the topic of this years’ roundtable panel discussion on January 25th as part of the 2018 SAE International Government/Industry Meeting in Washington, D.C. The event will be a three-day summit of the biggest automotive influencers hashing out the future landscape of the industry.

Among the roundtable panelists will be Strategic Vision President Alexander Edwards, bringing in insight drawn from the annual New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES). Currently in its 24th year, the study is the largest collection of feedback from new vehicle buyers in the world, with approximately 300,000 participants each year. Many of these survey participants have provided candid opinions on electric vehicles and advanced driving technologies, such as autonomous vehicle capabilities.

Leading auto manufacturers, policy-makers, academics, researchers and consumer advocates will be in attendance at the SAE meeting - along with over 127,000 engineers and technical experts. “These influential groups have recognized that the NVES data is the most accurate in predicting advocacy, loyalty and sales, because of the study’s roots in psychological methodology,” says Strategic Vision President, Alexander Edwards, “These are the standards by which we can judge our success in changing the future of mobility and energy consumption around the world.”

Edwards will be on the panel along with Austin L. Brown of UC Berkeley, Wesley L. Lutz of the National Automobile Dealers Association, and Christopher Reed of the Nissan Technical Center NA, and David S. Zuby of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The SAE International Government/Industry Meeting will be taking place from January 24th-26th, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, preceding the Washington Auto Show.

For more information on NVES, call Strategic Vision at (858) 576-7141

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