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Strategic Vision Announces First Offices in India

San Diego, California: Strategic Vision announces the opening of its first offices in India as part of its continuing global growth strategy. Strategic Vision is an advisory services company with over forty years of experience in providing insights on consumer decision-making using ValueCentered psychology. SV will continue to predict and maximize customer advocacy, conquest, and loyalty in the Indian market. This comprehensive theory of human behavior is used to create the most effective strategies in the widest array of fields, ranging from automotive and customer service to government and politics, medicine and health care to travel and leisure, from food and beverages to education.

Strategic Vision India will be headquartered in Hyderabad and led by Ravindra (“Ravi”) Kondagunta through an exclusive agreement with Traction Labs, LLC, a Commercialization Agency specializing in enabling international growth. Strategic Vision India will offer the full suite of the US parent company’s survey and research methodologies, using ValueCentered psychology, pioneered by Strategic Vision Founder Dr. Darrel Edwards, to power consumer insights and advisory services in the region.

“India is the fastest growing market in the world, with a diverse, vibrant, young and connected population,” says Alexander Edwards, President of Strategic Vision. “This partnership will establish Strategic Vision India, continuing SV’s work in helping both local and foreign brands grow in the Indian market. SV India will also be able to help Indian brands position themselves for success in the US. With over forty years of expertise, Strategic Vision has pioneered the use of ValueCentered psychology to guide companies from Nissan, Hyundai and Ford, to Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble in developing their brands and products in North and South America, Europe, Russia, Asia and Japan.”

Ravi Kondagunta, Managing Director of Strategic Vision India said, “India is a unique, fast emerging market, and soon will be the world’s 3rd largest automotive market. The landscape is changing from a demand-side market to a supply-side market with intense competition. Brands need to understand the consumer’s Decision-Making process to connect and be successful. Understanding the diverse population using SV’s proven methodologies will allow us to help brands enter and grow in the US market. I am thrilled and deeply humbled by this opportunity and by the trust SV has placed in us.”


For further information or interview requests please contact Ravi Kondagunta or Alexander Edwards at (858) 576-7141,, or visit our website at



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