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SV Partners With InSearchX to Help Customers Find Their Ideal Car With "Uncanny" Accuracy

Nashville, TN: Startup inSearchX and advisory services firm Strategic Vision announce they have partnered to deliver an exciting vehicle-matching technology that pairs new vehicle shoppers with their ideal vehicle match. To consult their vehicle "matchmaker," shoppers can AskOtto.

AskOtto is an interactive, anonymous communication platform that aligns your mobility needs and preferences with just a few simple questions, based on an analysis of millions of vehicle owners who have completed surveys for Strategic Vision since 1994. Strategic Vision specializes in understanding human decision-making processes through ValueCentered psychology, which connects product or service attributes to the underlying ValueEmotions that drive all decisions. In testing, shoppers found the quiz not only included their current vehicle, but also others they were already interested in as well as new, intriguing matches. One recent user described the quiz results as "uncanny" and asked "what magic powers this technology?"

"We are very excited about the auto quiz we have developed with Strategic Vision; consumers today struggle with growing complexity of vehicle choices." says Eric Brown, CEO of inSearchX, and creator of AskOtto. "By utilizing the millions of consumer vehicle experience studies conducted by Strategic Vision the mystery of finding the best car fit is resolved."

This powerful combination of psychological insights and cutting-edge technology creates a valuable tool that cuts through an increasingly complicated automotive landscape to connect new car shoppers with the best vehicle for their physical and emotional needs. "Strategic Vision specializes in measuring what customers Love." explains Strategic Vision President Alexander Edwards, "Taking that experience and putting it in the hands of the customer to help make a difficult process easier just makes sense."

After a shopper receives their top matches, they can use AskOtto to search local dealers' inventory near them. If they have any questions about a vehicle or offer, AskOtto connects them anonymously to a local dealer sales team who can provide timely answers.

To find your perfect vehicle match, visit:

ABOUT INSEARCHX: inSearchX has developed an Open Dialog Advertising® "ODA" Platform, branded as AskOtto®. The AskOtto ODA platform is utilized by media companies, advertising agencies and other automotive marketers including local dealerships and national manufacturers to optimize advertising performance and the consumer retail experience. The platform provides consumers a one-click vehicle discovery and anonymous communication resource to find the perfect vehicle match and communicate with local car dealers remotely and privately. Visit, or email for more information.

ABOUT STRATEGIC VISION: Strategic Vision has spent decades helping companies understand human behavior and decision-making patterns in any field. By connecting product or service experience to the ValueEmotions that drive all decision-making, Strategic Vision connects the rational and emotional to understand customer advocacy, commitment, and loyalty. Please visit for more information.



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