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New EV Video Education Platform Launched

Three leading automotive technology companies join forces to provide consumers with quick, entertaining, and educational videos about new electric vehicles coming to market.

With nearly 20 new electric vehicles being introduced by manufacturers in 2023, the purchase options for consumers can be overwhelming. Especially when shopping for a brand-new type of vehicle for the first time.

Three leading automotive technology and research industry firms have joined forces to empower consumers with the information and insights they need to guide them to the right elective vehicle for them.

“Consumer interest in electric vehicles (EV) has reached an all-time high, however most consumers have limited knowledge about them. This is why we created the first interactive educational video solution based upon the most comprehensive consumer research on EVs.” said Eric Brown, CEO of inSearchX. Mr. Brown added, “It has been very gratifying to garner the interest of auto manufacturers so quickly, and we are excited to bring this solution to market with them.”

inSearchX's AskOtto quiz uses the power of artificial intelligence to scientifically recommend EV models that perfectly fit the needs and lifestyle of consumers. Consumers answer five questions about their preferences, vehicle attitudes, and demographics to score every EV model for predicted ownership satisfaction for that individual.

Intuitive Interaction, a leading dynamic video technology company, creates a custom video based on the generated vehicle recommendations and provides an in-depth review, analysis, and overview of each recommended vehicle. These “TikTok” style videos provide education customized for each consumer based upon their specific needs and preferences.

From there, consumers can activate a “perpetual search™” with AskOtto to locate recommended vehicles available for sale nearby. Plus, consumers may connect and dialog with the associated automotive merchant directly to ask questions, make offers, and get updates on their vehicles of interest without sharing any personal contact information.

Underneath all of this techno-wizardry is a data platform empowering consumer choice, recommendations, and messaging to optimize the consumer experience. Strategic Vision for over 40 years has been researching, analyzing, and reporting on consumer vehicle ownership experience, preferences, and product choices. Their automotive consumer research and vehicle selection data provide the technical and content solutions in unprecedented alignment with consumers’ vehicle discovery and educational requirements and needs. For those interested in market research on EV, an infographic highlighting some of Strategic Vision’s research is available below:

With the expanding EV marketplace, consumer growing interest in these vehicles, and EV selection, the timing of this alignment of capabilities and related product launch could not be better. To learn more about licensing the EV educational platform, contact, or visit


About Strategic Vision (

Strategic Vision (SV) is an international consulting and advisory service organization that utilizes their proprietary ValueCentered Psychology (VCP) which focuses on understanding and predicting advocacy, conquest, and loyalty according to customer’s personal values and decision-making structure. Since its incorporation in 1989, Strategic Vision has studied consumer and constituent decision-making in identifying consumers’ motivational hierarchies, including the values that shape perceptions and capture the customers’ emotional responses. SV and VCP provide organizations the critical understanding of consumer decision-making needed for an increasingly competitive landscape.

About inSearchX (

inSearchX operates a Perpetual Search™ technology platform called AskOtto. inSearchX solutions enable consumers to discover vehicles for sale and other automotive related products and services without having to navigate the internet. Through a network of online and offline affiliates consumers may activate a search for products of interest, dialogue about those products with the sponsoring retailer without the use of personal identifiable information. Their affiliate network reaches nearly 100 million consumers a month via patented parking software integration, wifi, gas pump, and retail locations, as well as, digital publisher integrations. To help consumers find the products they need, inSearchX provides a number of engagement tools like the AI powered AskOtto Quiz, to recommend best car deal for the individual consumer, and VES Sweepstakes to align consumer interactions with their vehicle to survey opportunities.

About Intuitive Interaction (

Founded in 2018, Intuitive is a provider of scaled, personalized, interactive video for automotive manufacturers and their dealers that instantly and dynamically creates brand-compliant, TV-commercial-quality vehicle presentations at the VIN level. It has served clients such as Honda-Acura USA and other OEMs who wish to provide personalized video experiences for vehicle shoppers, presenting the exact vehicle features and configurations a shopper is interested in purchasing.



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