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Thirty years of innovation: Strategic Vision launches the 2024 New Vehicle Experience Study

SAN DIEGO -- Strategic Vision is proud to announce the 30th year of its New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES), which revolutionized customer experience surveys and remains the largest, most comprehensive survey of owners of new cars and light trucks in the United States.

NVES emerged from hundreds of qualitative interviews to evolve the automotive industry’s understanding of the vehicle ownership experience past the then-standard of Things Gone Wrong per 100 vehicles. By focusing on how the Things Gone Right at each stage of the ownership experience connects to the underlying ValueEmotions that drive decision-making, Strategic Vision created a holistic measure that links the customer’s language to elements that product planners can control and message meaningfully to future buyers.

Now starting its 30th year, NVES remains the largest and most comprehensive study of new vehicle owners in the US, bringing decades of experience in understanding loyalty, advocacy, and commitment to complex mobility issues. Under the leadership of SV President Alexander Edwards, NVES has evolved to help subscribers understand a changing mobility landscape, including ride-hailing services, autonomous vehicles, and the industry's largest electric vehicle owner sample.

NVES continues to guide product development and messaging while powering AI solutions to match customers with their perfect vehicle and generate the greatest predictive loyalty to empower retention and conquest solutions. Strategic Vision is excited to see what NVES will reveal about new vehicle owners over the next thirty years.

We invite you to see how NVES, its companion metrics, or primary research can help your organization. Please contact Christopher Chaney at (858) 576-7141 or



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